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Storyful, Blippar and Newbase sign up as educators for FOM Brand Lab North America

Storyful, Blippar and Newbase sign up as educators for FOM Brand Lab North America

Storyful, Blippar and Newbase have joined Criteo and the ANA as educator partners at the inaugural FOM Brand Lab North America in New York in Metropolitan West on Thursday 30 November.

All of the subjects have been chosen by the advertisers and they include the following topics:

The future of marketing with augmented reality – Blippar

Augmented Reality is changing the way we live, work, play, communicate and shop – with an estimated 600M AR enabled smartphones this year and a market worth $88bn by 2021 – a large proportion of this is advertising and commerce driven. This session will focus on how smart brands are using it today to tell their stories and share the future opportunities for brand marketers, which are coming into view in the next 18 months.

Unravelling the digital advertising supply chain – Newbase

This session looks at how marketers can navigate the new media landscape as they invest in campaigns and demand for transparency and accountability. He will focus on how change is needed and that independent consultancies will be the catalysts for this change because they only serve one master: their client.

Brand safety – ANA

How do marketers understand and get a grip on where their ads are being distributed in the digital eco-system and what content they are appearing next to. What checks and procedures can be put in place to ensure marketers know exactly where every dollar of their digital spend is heading.

Other subjects to be covered includ content – curating and distributing engaging content to the right audience at the right time; digital transformation – understanding the new media landscape and how to use it; data – how to understand and use date more effectively in marketing campaigns; media measurement – what metrics do marketers use to ensure they are achieving marketing effectiveness; the connected consumer – how to complete the consumer journey from mobile to OOH; creativity, video and mobile and how AI will revolutionise marketing campaigns in 2018.

Advertisers attending the event include L’Oreal; Puma; Estee Lauder;  Coty; PepsiCo; Revlon; Mastercard; P&G; P&G; SAP; Yum Brands and NBA.

To be involved as a educator please contact Komla or Luke at  to discuss what remaining slots ou would like to be involved in.



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