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AppNexus leadership bonuses to depend on meeting diversity targets

AppNexus leadership bonuses to depend on meeting diversity targets

AppNexus has announced its increased commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, with aims to achieve a 50% split of women and ‘underrepresented’ groups in managerial roles and above.

The firm plans to increase the proportion of black or African American candidates to 16% and Hispanic or Latino candidates to 14% in 2018, while it wants 35% of technology engineering or operations roles to be filled by women.

It will also look to ensure that 80% of women/non-binary or underrepresented group summer interns will return to work for AppNexus full time in 2018.

The diversity and inclusiveness objectives will be incorporated into the annual bonus compensation for all AppNexus leaders.

AppNexus currently employs 65% male and 35% female staffers (see top image), and the proportion of females drops to 24% in leadership – vice president and above – roles (see bottom image).


AppNexus Chart 1


AppNexus Chart 2

“Two years ago, AppNexus embarked on a journey to define and develop what diversity and inclusiveness mean here – and to increase both,” the blog reads. “Over this time, we have seen accomplishments and created a roadmap, further committing to work towards ongoing improvement in these areas.

“We aim to create a diverse and inclusive workplace where all AppNexians feel comfortable and included, just being themselves. We believe every AppNexian has a responsibility to work with us to build a community in which everyone feels involved, valued, and respected.

Despite its best efforts, the blog accepted the company may not meet all of these objectives.

“We believe that the importance of creating shared accountability across AppNexus and the power of publicly setting goals which may help galvanise the tech community are more important than the risk of public failure.”