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AudienceScience opens first global automation solution operational in Mainland China

AudienceScience opens first global automation solution operational in Mainland China

Advertising automation software brand AudienceScience has announced the opening of a Shanghai office, making it the first global advertising automation solution that is operational in mainland China, with locations in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Over the past quarter, the company has doubled its market share in China to 400 million impressions per day. The new office will set the company up as the first western programmatic tech company with an entity operating within China, providing global advertisers with access to Chinese inventory and local data partners to reach Chinese consumers.

Richard Huo will serve as vice president of China business operations, arriving from midmarket private equity firm Lincolnshire Management Inc. His team will be responsible for overseeing integrations with local media and data partners, as well as managing Chinese data server operations.

“AudienceScience is a worldwide leader in programmatic advertising, with a reputation for providing brand clients with strong technology,” said Youku senior product director Michael Ma, whose company acts as a supply partner. “We are excited to work closely with AudienceScience, not only on a business level, but also to learn the best practices in global programmatic advertising. We look forward to a deep level of cooperation across multiple aspects of programmatic advertising, including PDB, RTB and data collaboration.”

With a presence in more than 50 countries processing more than 120 billion transactions per day, AudienceScience is one of the largest buyers of global media for the world’s largest advertisers like P&G, Frito Lay and GlaxoSmithKline.

“International is an increasingly important target for Fortune 100 advertisers, especially in digital,” said AudienceScience chief product officer Tim Barnes. “Almost half of the total impressions delivered by AudienceScience are going to consumers outside of the US and we expect that to grow tremendously in the coming months.

“China is one of the largest markets in the world, and advertisers are eager to leverage their data to reach engaged audiences through targeted mobile and video inventory. With our executive team’s experience working on the ground in China, we anticipate it will continue to grow rapidly throughout 2016.”