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Exterion Media and TfL unite for new OOH commercial brand Hello London

Exterion Media and TfL unite for new OOH commercial brand Hello London

Transport for London (TfL) and Exterion Media have announced the creation of Hello London, a new commercial partnership, following Exterion’s recent victory in the pitch to run advertising on the UK capital’s transport network.

Hello London claims to offer advertisers an audience of 1.5 billion each year and is set to generate London’s local authorities £1.1bn ($1.36bn) in revenues over the next 10 years.

The partnership aims to “declutter” existing advertising space across London stations and trains and introduce fewer, higher quality advertising assets, while using anonymised, aggregated data from Telefonica UK’s 25 million O2 customers to make experience more tailored, relevant and contextual, as well as international visit targeting.

Key features include large digital displays featuring Hello London icons, escalator refreshes including digital escalator panels and ribbons, D12 and D6 display formats, as well as digital landmarks and decluttering, plus the new Elizabeth Line, which will increase London rail capacity by 10% from 2018.

Shaun Gregory, Exterion Media’s CEO, said: “The launch of our Hello London media partnership is a statement of intent and purpose for Exterion Media and Transport for London, working together as one team to deliver a truly world-class advertising offering through the transport network.

”It is how we plan to deliver on our vision of becoming the most effective and accountable media channel in the Capital, and beyond.”

Gregory added that the OOH industry has been too slow to innovate: “The market has needed transformation. We intend to shift gears quickly. We recognise the need to stop talking assets, and start talking about the consumer.

“Together with Transport for London, we will re-write the rule book and move towards audiences and unique consumer experiences. Advertisers care about audiences and engagement, because that’s what matters. Our partnership is also about going beyond OOH, and essentially creating London’s newest and freshest media channel. Something to compete with the online and TV giants.”