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Google Maps adds more ads to influence consumer journeys

Google Maps adds more ads to influence consumer journeys

Google Maps has revealed the addition of new ad formats to its service to encourage users to make stops on their journeys with promoted companies, as outlined in a blog post. 


The changes, which are part of a new push by Google to increase revenue from the Maps function, will include an “add stop” ad showing at the bottom of the screen when using turn-by-turn navigation. Also, there is currently no way to turn off promoted pins with company logos which pop up when users make location searches.

This announcement comes days after Google’s annual I/O developers’ conference, when chief executive officer Sundar Pichai explained his vision for the company’s future where Google reaches every part of consumer’s life.

“Maps has changed fundamentally how we get around in the world,” said Google AdWords vice president of product management Jerry Dischler during a press briefing, where it was raised that of the “trillions” of searches each year, more than half come from phones and tablets, and nearly one-third have to do with location.

“The shift to mobile is no longer a change on the horizon,” said the blog. “It’s here.”