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Grasshopper snacks? Dragonboat racing? A look inside OneMediaCom Day

Grasshopper snacks? Dragonboat racing? A look inside OneMediaCom Day

MediaCom’s internal communications event day, OneMediaCom on 7 April, launched the company’s new ‘behaviours’ through a range of unusual activities across the globe.

In Switzerland, teams had to escape a locked room by solving riddles, while in Austria they created a ‘who dares’ station where all staff chose either to try some strange food like grasshoppers, extremely hot chili sauce, chocolate with garlic, or try their luck by guessing the hidden object in a box only by touching it, like slime, furry items, plastic snakes and spiders.

MediaCom USA had a “push your luck wheel” with choices on the wheel balanced between career growth and personal development initiatives of different difficulty levels, while the Singapore branch did a dragonboat race.

The aim of the day was to launch four company behaviours designed to enhance the agency’s capability to look at communications challenges.

The behaviours included “know it”, which focuses on mastering the business’ craft and having a passion for learning; “push it” which encourages staff to go beyond expectations; “share it”, nurturing the distribution of ideas; and “do it”, which helps staff take responsibility for their work.

The social media reach of the day hit nearly 180,000 via #onemediacom and #knowpushsharedo.