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Join M&M Global’s data and programmatic sessions at Dmexco 2016

Join M&M Global’s data and programmatic sessions at Dmexco 2016

Do you have something to say about the use of data and programmatic technology in advertising? Then M&M Global wants to hear from you.

The M&M Global editorial team will again be attending this year’s Dmexco digital marketing congress in Cologne, Germany, and will be hosting a number of content sessions at our studio in Hall 9.

Header bidding is one of the hottest topics in ad tech right now, and sure to be a major theme among Dmexco delegates. We are gathering an expert panel of international publishers to explore how header bidding is shaking up the industry, and whether ‘unified demand’ is the true nirvana for the publishing industry.

If you are a publisher and would like to take part in the session, or find out more details, please contact

Another major topic we will be addressing is the use of data by advertisers to connect with consumers. Are brands truly leveraging global retailer and audience data to maximise their performance, or is there a worrying gap in clients’ approach to data?

Our session will see a panel of brands and retailers sharing their advice for the data challenge. If you are a brand or retailer marketer, and would like more information about the session, please get in touch with

Both sessions will form a part of M&M Global’s Dmexco 2016 digital report, which will be shared with delegates after the event has concluded. Click here to view our 2015 report.