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Libération replaces algorithms with journalists to combat fake news

Libération replaces algorithms with journalists to combat fake news

French newspaper Libération has launched a fact-checking service for voters ahead of the country’s final presidential election vote on Sunday (7 May).

With voters set to choose between candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron – read our analysis of the election here – the publisher has replaced search engine algorithms with journalists for what it describes as an “anti-hoax” service.

In partnership with ad agency J. Walter Thompson Paris, CheckNews pledges to respond to reader questions within a few hours with impartial and factually-accurate information.

“Despite web giants’ actions against fake news, disinformation is still spreading across the Internet. What are journalists going to do about it? Get back to you in a few hours, just enough time for them to dig, investigate and cross-reference,” it said in a statement.

“Libération, with the help of communications agency J. Walter Thompson Paris, is taking over Its journalists will spend the right amount of time to properly answer any question and provide users with key facts to make an informed choice in this historic event.”

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