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Vice’s Mark Adams: ‘Marketers need to apply a 2am mentality’

Vice’s Mark Adams: ‘Marketers need to apply a 2am mentality’

Vice Media senior vice president and head of innovation Mark Adams managed to cram jokes about divorce, drugs and assassination into his interactive session on brand growth in the digital age at Mindshare’s Huddle for Good event in London.

A lack of trust, attention and interest, as well as an over saturation of irrelevant content (or “non-tent” as Adams called it), was attributed by the audience to low engagement with marketing, with a recent Havas survey demonstrating that, when asked how much a brand would be missed if it no longer existed, 74% brands scored zero out of 10.

“I’m a bit down today… just thinking about Kodak,” Adams joked.

In order to avoid brand disengagement and non-tent, which is created through low demand and lots of comparable competitors, Adams encouraged people to consider the difference between a 2am conversation at an event, as opposed to that at 7pm.

“Marketeers need to apply a 2am mentality to the tribes they’re interested in targeting,” he continued. “The data we have is very shallow, and they’re currently creating campaigns based on that data.”

Adams encouraged the audience to employ emotional intelligence and empathy when targeting and look for the white space of what is not being done, but should be. He also said to look “left or right of the centre”, as the centre, which he referred to as the “red ocean”, is already over-saturated.

“When supply and demand meet each other, that’s a smart network,” he added.

Finally, Adams encouraged the audience to think like an editor and do “brand archeology” by going back to the human truth at the centre of the brand and “romancing” it.

“That truth – take it higher and higher. It’s not data, fact, knowledge or insight – if can get to the level of principal, you get somewhere very fascinating.”